An updated database listing over 100,000 of the most cited-researchers in the world has been released and includes 45 DMCBH members.

The searchable database lists researchers in all fields of science who have published at least five papers. With nearly 7 million scientists worldwide, these 45 DMCBH researchers rank in the top 3% of cited researchers globally.

“It is wonderful to have so many DMCBH researchers recognized on a global scale through this database,” says DMCBH Director Dr. Lynn Raymond. “It’s a true testament to the amazing research that takes place here at the Centre, both at the foundational and clinical level.”

The database was first established in 2019 to provide a comprehensive and accurate way of measuring citation metrics. The most recent update ranks researchers based on their career and on a single year term. The former involved looking at papers published between 1960–2020 and calculating the number of citations between 1996–2020. The latter involved calculating the number of citations in 2020 alone, to eliminate some biases that exist when comparing scientists who have been in the field for a long time versus those who have been publishing for a shorter period of time.

Congratulations to all our members who are listed in the database!

Doug Altshuler, Jehannine Austin, Jason Barton, Lara Boyd, Neil Cashman, Luke Clark, Ann Marie Craig, Max Cynader, Adele Diamond, Stan Floresco, Sophia Frangou, Liisa Galea, Daniel Goldowitz, Judy Illes, Ujendra Kumar, Raymond Lam, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Ian Mackenzie, Brian MacVicar, Martin McKeown, Freda Miller, Robert Molday, Timothy Murphy, Paul Pavlidis, Steven Pelech, Anthony Philips, Catharine Rankin, Lynn Raymond, Jeremy Seamans, Noah Silverberg, Terrance SnutchJason Snyder, Kiran Soma, Vesna Sossi, Sriram Subramaniam, Wolfram Tetzlaff, Anthony Traboulsee, Helen Tremlett, Victor Viau, Yu Tian Wang, Lawrence Ward, Cheryl Wellington, Janet Werker, Catharine Winstanley, Lakshmi Yatham.