Name Media Outlet Date Article
Paul van Donkelaar The Globe and Mail 28/12/2022 How does intimate partner violence affect women’s brains? Scientists, social workers advocate for more research
Raymond Lam Narcity 18/12/2022 Here’s Why Seasonal Affective Disorder Makes You Sad In Winter & How To Cope
Raymond Lam Yahoo 14/12/2022 When winter malaise hits, is more light enough?
Teresa Liu-Ambrose The Seattle Times 14/12/2022 Does exercise really help aging brains? New study raises questions
Raymond Lam Yahoo 06/12/2022 Seasonal depression: What is it and how to treat it, according to an expert
Vesna Sossi Tom Scott (YouTube) 05/12/2022 Firing radioactive stuff at high speed under city streets
Raymond Lam CTV 15/11/2022 Manitoba considers move to permanent daylight time, but there are conditions
Teresa Liu-Ambrose Insider 12/11/2022 Working out can change your brain for the better. Among other benefits, it can improve memory and reduce the effects of strokes
Raymond Lam CTV 08/11/2022 Time changes persist despite experts’ consensus to end daylight time
Raymond Lam City News Vancouver 07/11/2022 As clocks turn back this weekend, most people want an end to time change
Paul van Donkelaar Vancouver Sun 18/10/2022 Domestic violence causes concussions – new research finds brain injuries a common result of intimate partner violence
Cheryl Wellington The Conversation 26/09/2022 Concussion is more than sports injuries: Who’s at risk and how Canadian researchers are seeking better diagnostics and treatments