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Zoom talk: Movement Disorders Group

11:00am-12:00pm, Jun 12, 2020

Zoom (details below)

This talk is being presented by the DMCBH movement disorders group. 


Vesna Sossi will discuss new insights into Parkinson's disease coming from novel analysis methods applied to PET and multimodality imaging such as network analysis applied to neurotransmitter PET, outcomes from multitracer PET and brain energetics with PET/MR.

Jon Stoessl will talk about tau/progression, segregation of function and COVID-19 as a risk factor for PD.

Martin McKeown will cover patient video monitoring, Deep Learning and Electrical Vestibular Stimulation, myelin imaging in PD, and fMRI motion correction, data fusion, and brainstem activation.

Silke Cresswell will discuss the role of the microbiome in PD/neurodegenerative disorders, prevention strategies of PD/neurodegenerative disorders and the BC Brain Wellness Program. She will also discuss clinical/fundamental research integration.


To join via Zoom, please access the link here