The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) has announced an investment of more than $500 million through its Discovery research programs, which will help generate world-firsts in knowledge, train the next generation of scientists and expand the frontiers of science and engineering. Overall, a total of 160 projects led by UBC researchers were awarded more than $32 million.

Congratulations to all the DMCBH researchers who have been awarded 2022 Discovery research grants:

  • Alasdair Barr: Understanding the role of dopamine antagonists on peripheral glucose regulation
  • Sarah Kraeutner: Characterising neuroplasticity stimulated by covert practice and the nature of learning through covert practice
  • Cornelia Laule: Multi-nuclear magnetic resonance for characterizing human central nervous system tissue
  • Timothy Murphy: Tools for assessing shared sensory experience in interacting mice
  • Paul Pavlidis: Neuroinformatics for genomics and anatomy
  • Lynn Raymond: Investigating corticostriatal synaptic plasticity in motor learning
  • Jessica Rosin: Characterizing the role CSF1R-expressing cells play in craniofacial development
  • Jason Snyder: Neuronal turnover and plasticity in the hippocampal dentate gyrus
  • Naznin Virji-Babul: Brain dynamics under resting state and naturalistic conditions from childhood to adolescence

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