Archives: 2019/20 Schedule


Due to the fluid COVID-19 situation, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Neuroscience Research Colloquium talks for the remainder of the season. We are going to replace them with Zoom talks on a variety of emerging areas that highlight local speakers for the remainder of the season, the first of which is on Friday, April 3, 2020We’re grateful for all of the speakers who were able to present this year, and look forward to welcoming everyone back to UBC for more exciting talks starting in September 2020.

Details on the new Zoom talks can be found below, starting April 3. We will continue to update speakers throughout the rest of April and May as we get speakers confirmed. 

FALL 2019


  • Host: Dr. Timothy Murphy
  • Speaker: Dr. Patrick Kanold, University of Maryland
  • Title: Learning mom's voice: Early cortical circuits and early experience.


  • Host: Dr. Helen Tremlett
  • Speaker: Dr. Kassandra Munger, Harvard University 
  • Title: Risk factors for multiple sclerosis disease activity and progression.

September 27

  • Host:  Dr. Liisa Galea
  • Speaker: Dr. John Cryan, University College Cork
  • Title: Gut feelings: Microbiome as a key regulator of brain & behaviour across the lifespan.


  • Host: Dr. Tim Murphy
  • Speaker: Brain Circuits Cluster, featuring Jeff LeDue, Tim Murphy, Glaynel Alejo, and Ashutosh Bhudia
  • Title: Data sharing tools to navigate the changing landscape of neurodata: Status report from the Brain Circuits Cluster


  • Host:  Dr. Catherine Winstanley
  • Speaker: Dr. Joseph W. Kable, University of Pennsylvania
  • Title: Fractionating the prospective brain.


  • Host: Dr. Miriam Spering
  • Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey D. Schall, Vancerbilt University, Tennessee
  • Title: Stopping and stepping gaze shifts to understand how the brain guides, controls and monitors actions.


  • Host:  Dr. Ipek Oruc
  • Speaker: Dr. Isabel Gauthier, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee
  • Title: Neural correlates of Object Recognition: Experience and Domain-General ability


  • Host: Dr. Timothy Murphy
  • Speaker: Dr. Philip Haydon, Tufts University School of Medicine
  • Title: Sleep and Wake coordinated by Glia.

November 21 - 2:00 - 3:00 pm

  • Host: Dr. Neil Cashman
  • Speaker: Dr. Wendy Johnson, University of Alberta
  • Title: Medical Assistance in Dying and How it Affects Healthcare Professionals and Families


  • Host: Catharine Winstanley
  • Speaker: Dr. Matthew Wanat, UTSA Neurosciences Institute, University of Texas
  • Title: Dopamine circuits mediating positive and negative reinforcement.

NOVEMBER 29 - Cancelled


  • Host: Shernaz Bamji
  • Speaker: Dr. Katalin Toth, Université Laval
  • Title: The contribution of synapses and small networks to action potential coding in the hippocampus.

TERM 2 (WINTER 2020)


  • Host: Dr. Stan Floresco
  • Speaker:  Dr. Marina Picciotto, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Title: Acetylcholine signaling and stress-induced behaviours


  • Host: Dr. Jason Snyder
  • Speaker: Dr. James Knierim, Johns Hopkins University
  • Title: Spatial coding and episodic memory in the Hippocampus


  • Host: Dr. Alexander Rauscher
  • Speaker: Dr. Kamil Uludag, University of Toronto
  • Title: Advanced functional MRI data acquisition and analysis at 3 and 7 Tesla.


  • Host: Dr. Weihong Song
  • Speaker: Dr. Fang Liu, University of Toronto
  • Title: Targeting protein complexes to achieve more effective medication with fewer side effects.

FEBRUARY 25 (off-cycle)

  • Host: Dr. Weihong Song
  • Speaker: Dr. Hailan Hu, Centre for Neuroscience, Zhejiang University
  • Title: From Pecking Order to Ketamine - Neural mechanisms of social and emotional behaviours


  • Host: Dr. Catharine Winstanley
  • Speaker: Dr. Melissa Sharpe, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Title: The Cognitive Hypothalamus

March 4 (off-cycle) 2:00 pm Room 3402 A/B/c, 3rd Floor, dmcbh

  • Host: Dr. Timothy O'Connor
  • Speaker: Dr. Gary Yellen, Harvard
  • Title: Illuminating the dynamics of neuronal metabolism with fluorescent biosensors.


  • Host: Dr. Shernaz Bamji
  • Speaker: Dr. Paul Jenkins, University of Michigan
  • Title: Lithium reverses inhibitory signaling deficits in a mouse with a bipolar disorder- associated Ank3 variant.

MARCH 13 - Cancelled

MARCH 20 - cancelled

  • Host: Dr. Liisa Galea
  • Speaker: Dr. Jill Becker, University of Michigan
  • Title: Sex differences in addiction: studies of the neural mechanisms mediating the responses to drugs of abuse.

MARCH 27 - cancelled

 NEW! APRIL 3 - Online via zoom 

  • Speaker: Dr. Helge Rhodin, UBC Department of Computer Sciences 
  • Title: Lab animal motion capture
  • Zoom information can be found here


  • Speaker: Dr. Annie Ciernia, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine
  • Title: Microglial Gene Regulation in Autism and Neuroimmune Function
  • Zoom information can be found here

New! APRIL 24 - online via zoom 

  • Host: Dr. Tim Murphy, Dynamic Brain Circuits in Health and Disease Cluster
  • Speaker: Dr. Paul Pavlidis, UBC Department of Psychiatry 
  • Title: Methods and tools for interpreting brain transcriptomes 
  • Zoom information can be found here

new! MAY 1- online via zoom 

  • Sponsored by: Dynamic Brain Circuits in Health and Disease Cluster
  • Host: Dr. Tim Murphy
  • Speaker: Dr. Jane Roskams, UBC Department of Zoology 
  • Title: The Importance of Being Open: The MANY Different Flavours of Open Neuroscience
  • Zoom information can be found here.

new! MAY 8 - online via zoom 

  • Host: Dr. Catharine Winstanley
  • Speaker: Dr. Judy Illes, Director Neuroethics Canada 
  • Title: Informing Choice: Emerging Neurotechnologies for Drug Resistant Pediatric Epilepsy
  • Zoom information can be found here

new! may 15 - online via zoom

  • Host: Dr. Tim Murphy, Dynamic Brain Circuits in Health and Disease Cluster
  • Speaker:  Drs. Cheryl Wellington, Haakon Nygaard, Teresa Ambrose and Robin Hsiung
  • Title: Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
  • Zoom information can be found here.

new! may 22 - online via zoom

  • Host: Dr. Catharine Winstanley
  • Speaker: Drs. Kalina Christoff, Adele Diamond, Stan Floresco and Jeremy Seamans
  • Title: The Prefrontal Cortex
  • Zoom information can be found here

new! MAY 29 - online via zoom

  • Host: Dr. Tm Murphy
  • Sponsored by: Dynamic Brain Circuits in Health and Disease Cluster
  • Speakers: DMCBH Slack, Getting Started Peter Hogg,  Open Science Framework (OSF) - Annika Wevers, Remote Access of UBC Computers- Jeff LeDue, Alder Server Remote Access - Justin Jao and Remote Data Analysis JupyterHub - Patrick Coleman  
  • Title: Tools for collaboration and remote neuroscience in the age COVID19
  • Zoom information can be found here


  • Host:  Dr. Tim Murphy
  • Sponsored by:  Movement Disorders Group
  • Speakers:
  • Dr. Vesna Sossi: New  insights into PD coming from novel analysis methods applied to PET and multimodality imaging such as network analysis applied to neurotransmitter PET, outcomes from multitracer PET and brain energetics with PET/MR
  • Dr. Jon Stoessl: tau/progression, segregation of function and COVID-19 as a risk factor for PD
  • Dr. Martin McKeown: 1) Patient video monitoring, 2) Deep Learning and Electrical Vestibular Stimulation, 3) Myelin imaging in PD, 4) fMRI motion correction, data fusion, brainstem activation
  • Dr. Silke Cresswell: Role of the microbiome in PD/neurodegenerative disorders, prevention strategies of PD/neurodegenerative disorders,  BC Brain Wellness Program, potential and call for clinical/fundamental research integration
  • Zoom information can be found here