When resources are created to help people, it’s essential that each group’s unique needs are considered to make sure the information is shared in a meaningful way.

How do researchers make resources that are engaging for patients? An excellent case study is the set of infographic resources created based on decision-making for pediatric drug resistant epilepsy research.

Neuroethics Canada’s project “Informing Choice for Neurotechnological Innovation in Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery,” led by DMCBH researcher Dr. Judy Illes, has several areas of research related to clinical trials, and includes interviews with youth, families and doctors.

The results from this research were used to create six informative infographics, which can be viewed and downloaded in English, Spanish or French here. These are intended for patients, caregivers, researchers and clinicians.

The goal of these infographics is to provide information about drug-resistant epilepsy in a way that is easy for the average person to understand, and highlights topics such as how this condition is presented in the media, caregiver perspectives, and information about genetic testing.