Pictured: the MacVicar lab celebrates Dr. Rebcca Ko (front row, second from right) as she successfully completes her thesis defense on June 15, 2018. Image source: Twitter.




Community outreach

Neuroscience through the ages makes neurohistory fun for everyone. Image credit: Armin Mortazavi.

Pictured: a thank you card from students at Lord Byng Secondary School in Vancouver. The UBC MS & NMO Program hosted grade 10 students from the local high school for a day to learn about careers in science.

Pictured: Dr. Haakon Nygaard presents at the 2018 Alzheimer Forum. Image credit: Penelope Slack.

The UBC Hospital Clinic for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (UBCH CARD) recently hosted their annual Alzheimer Update. The UBC CARD team has posted links to video of the day’s talks on their website at card.centreforbrainhealth.ca/education-and-resources.

Twitter highlights


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