Congratulations to the first round of Innovation Fund Trainee Award recipients! The Innovation Fund was established to support trainee development and accelerate innovation through the support of basic and clinical biomedical research, infrastructure development, and translational activities.

Please note that the deadline for the Innovation Fund Kickstart Research Grant is December 13, 2019.

Postdoctoral Trainee Award recipients

  • Dr. Tom Nightingale (PI: Dr. Andrei Krassioukov)
  • Dr. Lina Gao (PI: Dr. Weihong Song)
  • Dr. Luis Bettio (PI: Dr. Brian Christie)
  • Dr. Ruiyang Ge (PI: Dr. Fidel Vila-Rodriguez)
  • Dr. Jonathan Thacker (PI: Dr. Brian Christie)
  • Dr. James Mackay (PI: Dr. Lynn Raymond)
  • Dr. Molly Stanley (PI: Dr. Michael Gordon)

Graduate Trainee Award recipients

  • Qing Zhang (PI: Dr. Weihong Song)
  • Kelly Hreja (PI: Dr. Catharine Winstanley)
  • Ronan Denyer (PI: Dr. Lara Boyd)
  • Brittany Zhang (PI: Dr. Jason Snyder)
  • Tony Fong (PI: Dr. Tim Murphy)
  • Tristan Toth (PI: Dr. Kurt Haas)
  • Jingfan Le (PI: Dr. Michael Gordon)
  • Maya Nesbit (PI: Dr. Tony Phillips)
  • Ellen Koch (PI: Dr. Lynn Raymond)

If you have questions about the DMCBH Innovation Fund, please email