Congratulations to our current Graduate Program in Neuroscience (GPN) students who have received awards through the Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral program from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC).


Adrienne Kinman

Adrienne completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology and molecular biology at McGill University. After which, she started her master’s degree in the Graduate Program for Neuroscience in 2019 and transferred to the PhD program in 2021 where she is now a third year PhD Candidate, supervised by Dr. Mark Cembrowski.

Adrienne’s research uses calcium imaging in freely moving mice to investigate cell-type specific roles in different forms of memory. Her thesis work is centered around the cellular and behavioural investigation of a previously undescribed neural cell type involved in novelty recognition and memory.

In her free time, Adrienne enjoys immersing herself in a good book, hunting down the perfect charcuterie board, and painting.


Kaitlin Sullivan

Kaitlin completed her bachelor’s degree (Honours in Cognitive Science) at McGill University. Following this, she joined the Cembrowski Lab at UBC for her master’s degree in the GPN, transferring to the PhD program in early 2021. She is currently a third year PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Mark Cembrowski.

Kaitlin’s work mainly utilizes single cell transcriptomic techniques to understand how memory works at the molecular level. In particular, her thesis research is centered around identifying and manipulating specific cell types involved in the formation and recollection of fearful memories.

Outside of the lab, Kaitlin enjoys (attempting) to care for plants and creating art of all kinds.


Lianne Cho

Lianne Cho is an MD/PhD student working on the Hotel Study with supervisor Dr. William Honer. She completed her undergraduate degree at Brown University, RI, majoring in Neuroscience.

For her PhD thesis at UBC, Lianne is studying the relationships between early life experiences, trauma, substance use, and mental illness as part of the Hotel Study, which examines multimorbidity in those who are precariously housed. Generally speaking, Lianne is interested in investigating how life experiences, social environments, and cultural elements interact to inform well-being.

Outside of academics, Lianne enjoys dancing, running, writing poetry, and spending time with loved ones.