By now, nearly everyone has seen the horrific video of George Floyd being killed by Minneapolis police, an act that has sparked outrage and despair as we all grapple with the reality of injustice that the Black community faces around the world.

The Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health stands in solidarity with those protesting racism, injustice and inequality. While protests have been mainly focused on the United States, Canada is not exempt from the issue of deep-rooted systemic racism, nor is UBC. Santa Ono released a statement last week highlighting steps the University will be taking to create a more inclusive campus, actions which we fully support and stand behind.

Our mission as a Centre is to enhance brain research and mobilize this knowledge as a way of helping all members of society. The DMCBH pledges to amplify all voices in the science community to ensure that everyone feels heard, valued and accepted. In the wake of COVID-19, there have been many anti-Asian attacks, another example demonstrating just how alive racism is in North America. As an academic institution, we must do better to support all people by creating an inclusive and supportive environment. The DMCBH will not tolerate any acts of hatred against Black, Asian, Indigenous, and racialized peoples. We must all treat each other with respect and be part of the solution that sees an end to discrimination and inequality in our society.