Today, the Government of Canada announced $693.8 million in funding for discovery and applied research. This support for researchers, innovators and rising talent will help address the world’s most pressing issues and keep Canada at the forefront of scientific advancements.


NSERC Discovery Grants Program

A total of 157 new programs and projects led by UBC researchers were awarded more than $36 million through the 2024 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Discovery Grants Program competition.

The NSERC Discovery Grants program supports ongoing programs of research with long-term goals rather than a single short-term project or collection of projects. These grants recognize the creativity and innovation that are at the heart of all research advances.

Discovery Launch Supplements provide timely resources to support early career researchers (ECRs) as they establish a Discovery Grant-funded research program. Projects marked with * below were awarded Discovery Launch Supplements.

Congratulations to the DMCBH members who received awards:

  • Mark Cembrowski (Cellular and Physiological Sciences)
    Subtype-specific neuronal processing within the deep neocortex
  • Adele Diamond (Psychiatry)
    Improving Executive Functions
  • Stan Floresco (Psychology)
    Prefrontal-subcortical circuitry underlying cognitive flexibility and inhibitory control
  • Amani Hariri (Chemistry)
    Advancing Functional Nucleic Acid Systems Using Single Molecule Methods: Towards Precision Detection and Delivery*
  • Brett Hilton (Cellular and Physiological Sciences)
    The role of the presynaptic active zone in axon growth during neuronal maturation*
  • Manu Madhav (School of Biomedical Engineering)
    An engineering approach to model flexible neural representations that enable biological navigation*
  • Tim O’Connor (Cellular and Physiological Sciences)
    Continued expression of developmental guidance cues is critical for the maintenance of neural circuits
  • Kiran Soma (Psychology)
    Local glucocorticoid production during development
  • Miriam Spering (Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences)
    Sensorimotor prediction in dynamic visual scenes
  • Sriram Subramaniam (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
    On-Grid Purification of Biomolecules for Electron Microscopy
  • Roger Tam (School of Biomedical Engineering)
    Beyond the confusion matrix: A framework to compare neural network representations trained on biomedical data
  • Alexander Weber (Pediatrics)
    Mapping the Structural and Functional Development of the Brain in the First Year of Life: A State-of-the-Art Quantitative MRI Approach*

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Canada Research Chairs Program

Nine UBC researchers were announced as new and renewed Canada Research Chairs in the latest round of appointments, representing an investment of $7.4 million through the Canada Research Chairs program.

Congratulations to Annie Ciernia (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) who was renewed as Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Understanding Gene Expression in the Brain.

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