Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose (pictured) has been awarded CIHR funding to investigate the possible impact of COVID-19 on cognition and the brain post-infection. 


  • Twelve students graduated from the Graduate Program in Neuroscience on June 17! You can see which students and some special videos by clicking here.
  • Drs. Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Kurt Haas and Pieter Cullis have all received funding from CIHR to study COVID-19. You can read more about each of their projects here.
  • Dr. Janet Werker received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Grant to carry out a project titled “Ensuring full literacy in a multicultural and digital world”
  • Several researchers received the DMCBH Innovation Fund Kickstart Research Grant. The following were successful applicants: Drs. Annie Ciernia, Urs Hafeli, Brian MacVicar, LP Bernier, Matilde Balbi, Mohamad Seyed Sadr, David Chen, Lynn Raymond, Peyman Servati, Paul van Donkelaar, Alexander Rauscher, Vesna Sossi, Cheryl Wellington, Will Panenka, Rebecca Todd, Stan Floresco, Luke Clark and Trisha Chakrabarty. You can read more about each of their projects here. 
  • Jonathan Doucette in the Rauscher’s Lab received the UBC Killam Doctoral Fellowship. You can read more about his work here. 
  • Dr. Jordan Shimmel who just graduated from the Bamji lab, was awarded the Canadian Association for Neuroscience Brain Star Award for his work in understanding X-linked intellectual disability.
  • Dr. Judy Illes will co-lead a team that’s developing a strategy to position the advancement of knowledge about the brain as a national research priority and support the creation of the Canadian Brain Research Strategy Network. This initiative was awarded $1.5 million in CIHR funding!


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