Lauren Emberson

Degrees / Credentials

PhD Cornell


Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, UBC


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Dr. Emberson received her PhD in Psychology (Perception, Cognition and Development, minor in Cognitive Science) from Cornell University. As part of her graduate training, she was a visiting graduate researcher at the Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology at Weill-Cornell Medical College and the Cognitive, Linguistics and Psychological Sciences Department at Brown University. Dr. Emberson completed a postdoctoral fellowship, funded by NIH and CIHR, at the University of Rochester (Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department) and then was an assistant professor at Princeton University (Psychology Department, Princeton Neuroscience Institute).

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Shania Linggon
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Kenny Building 2033
2136 West Mall
Vancouver, BC

Research Information

I am a developmental cognitive neuroscientist. I investigate how the infant brain translates everyday experiences into neural and cognitive development as well as how these processes are altered in at-risk populations. I focus on the interactions of cognitive and learning systems with sensory/perceptual regions in the context of the language development and high-level vision. I primarily use functional near-infrared spectroscopy as it allows infants to have a relatively unencumbered experience during neuroimaging. Previously, I have used EEG/NED and MRI/fMRI as well as sensitive behavioural measures
such as eye tracking.



  • infant development
  • neural networks
  • learning
  • vision
  • audition
  • language
  • face perception
  • fNIRS
  • memory