The activities of the Mood Disorders Centre include developing, evaluating, and providing innovative programs of care; educating health professionals and the public; and conducting clinical studies on the causes of, and treatments for, mood disorders. 

Patients are typically referred to the Mood Disorders Centre by a doctor. We accept referrals for adult patients (age 18 years and older) from physicians within the Vancouver Coastal Health region (Vancouver, North Shore, Richmond inclusive).

Outside this region, we limit referrals to psychiatrists or community mental health teams requesting a second opinion after six months of a prior psychiatric assessment.

For more information on mental health services, visit the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority website.

Clinical Tools


MoodFX is a free app for depression screening and depression symptom tracking. MoodFX screens for and monitors symptoms of depression, anxiety, cognition, and work functioning, using clinically valid rating scales in depression.

SAD and Light Therapy Information

This website provides medically-validated information and resources on seasonal-affective disorder (SAD) and light therapy for the public and for health care professionals, compiled by psychiatrists with expertise in diagnosing and treating SAD at the UBC Mood Disorders Centre.