Dr. Greg Dunn: Self Reflected

5:30pm-7:30pm, Oct 25, 2016

Rudy North Lecture Theatre, Lower Level, Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, 2215 Wesbrook Mall
Dr. Brian MacVicar

DMCBH and Dr. Brian MacVicar are thrilled to host a talk from renowned artist and speaker Dr. Greg Dunn for Self Reflected: The artistic story behind the world's most complex artistic depiction of the human brain. We hope you'll join us for a talk that promises to cross disciplines and inspire scientists and artists alike. Reception to follow. RSVP to attend.

Gred Dunn, Motor and Parietal Cortex


Speaker bio:

Greg Dunn is an artist who received his PhD in neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011. While a graduate student, Dunn’s artistic experiments demonstrated that the qualities of neural forms fit seamlessly into the aesthetic principles of minimalist Asian art and sumi-e scroll and gold leaf painting. Dunn is now a full time artist out of Philadelphia where he works to incorporate his knowledge of neuroscience, physics, and biology into the artistic process through both imagery and technique. 

Together with Dr. Brian Edwards, a collaborating artist and electrical engineer, Greg invented a revolutionary technique called reflective microetching that allows dynamic control of imagery and color in reflective gold surfaces. This work has led to the awarding of a grant from the National Science Foundation to produce an enormous 8’ X 12’ microetching of the human brain, the most complex and detailed artistic piece on the brain that will exist in the world. Dunn and Edwards are currently working on this massive project with the help of neuroscience and fine art students that is expected to be completed and permanently hanging in the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in Spring 2016.