Julien Gibon

Degrees / Credentials

PhD in Neurobiology, University of Grenoble


Assistant Professor without Review, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, UBCO


Full Member

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Office: SCI 160, UBCO Kelowna
Lab: ASC387, UBCO Kelowna

Research Information

Working memory describes the controlled processing of information that is available in short-term memory. For instance, we must remember what was just said in a normal conversation, actively process it, and then use that information to respond. Working memory is a limited-capacity yet complex process to retain information, control it and use it, usually within less than 30 seconds. I study the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying working memory using mice. During a working memory task, specific neurons repeatedly fire, activity also known as Persistent Firing. My lab focuses on the impact of a family of secreted factors, named neurotrophins, on the neuronal activity necessary for working memory. We are particularly interested in the effect of the proneurotrophin proBDNF -the precursor of the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor- on persistent firing in the brain. We also explore the impact of a mutated form of proBDNF (name proBDNF Val66Met), found in 25% of the human population, on neuronal functions associated with memory. Finally, my lab explores the impact of the Amyloid beta on neuronal functions necessary for working memory acquisition, intending to find new targets for potential treatments against Alzheimer’s disease. My lab employs calcium imaging on primary neurons, electrophysiology on brain slices, microscopy, and animal behaviour to explore these topics.